Police action


Debrecen Police organized a large scale action against criminal activity in Debrecen on the night of the 12th of February.

BesideHajdú-Bihar County Police staff, theLaw Enforcement Administration, Department of Action (SWAT), Border Police of Nyírbátor,the Immigration Office of Debrecen, the National Transport Authority, the Labor Inspectorate andthe organization of private security agencies also participated in this night action. The population of Debrecen also detected the increased presence of police personnel in public places, aroundbars andpubs. A very important goal was to strenghten the security of the law-abidingcitizens.

They arrested 4 iranian citizen near the refugee stationon suspicion of drug consumption.Two Kosovo citizen were arrested by the police, against them the Immigration office issued an arrestwarrant. Another Iranian used a stolen laptop, and an Afghan male used a false passport to identify himself.

The Traffic Enforcement Department has ensured smooth traffic on major roads of Debrecen. The officers of the Criminal Deartment patrolled the Tócóskert area looking after the serial shop-robbers. They were not succesful but their presence contributed to the prevention of further violations.
More than a hundred people took part in the 8 hour-long action. Officers carried out identity check on 61 hungarian and 381 foreign citizen /most of the checking was in the area of the refugee camp.

23 person were fined 18 were prosecuted by the police. 309 drivers had breath test, 8 of them consumed alcohol.

Due to this large operation just a minor theft /thieves removed the engine hood of a Suzuki car caused 200 000 forint damage/happened during the night, and a pub brawl inLétavértes area.

Hajdú-Bihar County Police