The Five


The Aba Taano band will perform on 8th of December in the Kölcsey Convention Centre’s Grand Hall at 19 o’clock. They sing in Swahili, Luganda, Fang, Zulu, Lutoro and Acoli. They dance too.

The artists of aba Taano(which in Luganda means “The Five”) live normally in Uganda and sing in Swahili, Luganda, Fang, Zulu, Lutoro and Acholi. They have performed in many prestigious halls in Uganda and in Spain.

As Aba Taano, they have represented Africa at the Pavillon of Africa during the International Expo of Zaragoza for one full week in August 2008, 8 times a day. They have had a series of concerts in Spain in May and a week in the Netherlands.
Uganda Natumayini is a humatarian project where orphans in Uganda are helped trough music and dance. Out of Uganda Natumayini, a choir was formed, dedicated to Gospel and the best 5 of this group has now formed Aba Taano.
Projects for 2009 include more concerts in Spain and a tour of 5 concerts November 2009 in Estonia and a tour in Canada 2010.

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Prices: 1900 HUF, 2400 HUF
Ticket Offices: Apolló Cinema, Kölcsey Convention Center, F?nix Hall, Tourinform office,