Police Hunts for Bicykle Robber


The Police needs help finding a young man who robbed a bycikle from a teenager on the afternoon of 7th of November at the Hortobágy street.

A young man stopped and pushed back a 12-year-old boy who was cyckling on 7th of November at 15:15 at the Hortobágy street no 9. He took his bike and biked away with it .
The bycikle is a CROSSWIND 3.7, 18-speed, 26-inch, adult size Mountain bike type with telescops. It has orange-black frame, it is equipped with flashing lights at the front and back. It has a sticker about a radioactive sign under the handlebar.

The robber looks 18 years old. He is about 170-180 cm tall, slim sized, with brown, short hair. He has crossed upper incissors.
The Crime Department of the local Police needs information about the bike and the robber too. They are waiting for the calls on the following phone numbers: 06-52-516-400/ 2292 internal, or after office hours on the 107 or 112.