Rhytmic Gymnastic World Cup In Debrecen


Yesterday was the hungarian team`s first training in Fonix Hall.
The national team have started to train for this year`s Rhytmic
Gymnastic World Cup in October.

Seperately from the team 5 seniors and 5 juniors will race this weekend. "The preparation was smooth" cited by their trainers. They expecting the national team and the individuals they will reach the finale.

Dora Vass is one of the fovourites in the Hungarian team, she will step into the carpet with rope, ring, ball and ribbons on Saturday.

She told that her preparation was smooth but she jitters a bit from the ringpractice. "The ring is a very difficult exercise if I was not in that state of mind it is harder but I gonna make it."

The national team will present two programmes in the World Cup.
One with five rings and another one with two ropes and 3 ribbons.

"The conditions are ideal here. The Fonix Hall is very cozy, we hope that it will bring us luck" said their coach Mrs Nora Erfalvy.
The participants forming a quite strong side on this World Cup and although the Russians and Belorussians have the largest chance to win a medal but we hope that the hungarians will be in the final.

The cup will start with the junior programmes this afternoon.

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