Criminal procedure in the case of Hajdú-Bét


Aggrieved party states that Raiffeisen Bank get a 1.5 billion forints undue advantage in the liquidation of the Hajdú-Bét company with the help of the management and the commissioner of the liquidator.

Still nothing recovered from the 12 bilion forintsexpense of the little creditors. The geese suppliers informed and asked the Bács-Kiskun County Court (supervisor of the liquidation) the reinstatement of the money paid out illegaly into the liquidation estate in November. Criminal proceedings started against the liguidator.

The Hajdú-Bét was one of the biggest poultry-producing company in Hungary and become ill-fated in the big farmers demonstrations in 2003 and 2004.

The farmers went out to the main roads, Debrecen and Budapest to demonstrate against the company. The company belonged to the Wallis group and refused to pay the price of millions of geese to the suppliers referring to tthe poultry sector’s crisis. The company was liquidated, the creditor banks and the investors were compensated but more than 600 farmers, suppliers still not received a single forint.

Before the widing-up of the company Raiffeisen bank received a 2.2 million euros from the company. With the interest the amount goes up to 1 billion forints which money belongs to all creditors. The liquidator knew of this settlement but have not reported it.
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