Robber in Derecske


A man tried to rob a little grocery store in Derecske. He had entered the shop with a knife and demanded cash from the vendor.

Increasing the number of robberies when perpetrators choose little shops, with low traffic and only one shop asssistant.
The seller cried for help whereof he left the shop at once. A group of police officers immediatelly arrived the shop after the announcement, and identified the perpetrator but the search had no result. They checked his address and the neighbourhood.
They found out later that he was runningalong the rails toDebrecen from the shop. An arrest warrant has been issued against the 22 years old perpetrator at once.

On the next evening -he felt he has a gallows look – he gave up himself voluntarily, and confessed.
He said that he has no job, quarelled with his parents, he lived on the streets.
The attempted robbery case continues…

HB County Police Press

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