Mediterranean Cyclone Arrives in Hungary – It May Snow in the North and Northeast


On Tuesday morning, the weather will be gloomy and rainy. We can expect rain in several places. It may snow in the area of ​​the North Central Mountains and in the northeast.


In general, the air movement will be weak, only moderate winds can blow in the southeast. In the afternoon, the sky will be overcast, but the clouds may clear up in the western part of Transdanubia. Snow may persist in the north and northeast. The northwesterly wind may pick up in the Transdanubia region. The highest temperature can be between -1 and +7 degrees.

Snowfall, sleet, and rain may still occur in the northeast in the evening hours. Then, during the night, snow showers may develop in the eastern regions. The cloud cover may continue to break from the west, the sky may be slightly cloudy in the northwest. In Transdanubia and the central part of the country, the northwesterly wind will be brisk and strong in some places. In the morning, the minimum temperature can be around -5 and +2 degrees.


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