Covid Appears in More and More Kindergartens – Several People Got Infected at Dél-Kom

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The fourth wave of the coronavirus epidemic is here. In addition to the national infection data, the fact that we have to report more and more cases in Pécs also reveals this. The local government of Pécs reported in a press release yesterday afternoon that several Dél-Kom NKft. employees were quarantined, and the company’s Siklósi út customer service was temporarily closed due to the epidemic.


“The infection has appeared in more kindergartens in recent days and at Dél-Kom NKft. The staff of the Nkft’s Siklósi út customer service was also quarantined due to the virus. Several employees were quarantined by Dél-Kom NKft., in the customer service office at 58 Siklósi út, Pécs, after two colleagues confirmed that they had caught the coronavirus infection. The affected customer service is expected to be closed until Friday, November 5th.

The company is waiting for inquiries in writing to their email address:, or by phone at 72 / 805-410. In case of personal administration, the customer service of Pécs, Búza tér can be visited.

To prevent further infections, only a limited number of customers can be present at the customer service. Agents can only receive one customer at a time, people can wait outside the customer area. Upon entry, customers are asked to use outsourced hand sanitizers and to wear a mask which can cover their nose and mouth inside the buildings of BIOKOM NKft. (52. Siklósi út) and Pécsi Köztemető (43. Siklósi út). Protective equipment is provided for those who did not bring it with them but would like to use it.


There are more and more infected children in the kindergartens of Pécs

At Dr. Imre Majorossy’s Street Member Kindergarten of the Eastern District Kindergarten, one parent reported late on Friday afternoon that his child’s coronavirus test was positive. The child was last in kindergarten on October 26th, 2021. Due to the autumn school break, the kindergarten operated with only one combined group, with 11 children receiving care. The 11 children were placed under epidemiological surveillance by the authority.

Another employee’s coronavirus test was positive at the Mezőszél Street Headquarters of the Western City Kindergarten on Saturday. This person was last in kindergarten on October 27th, 2021, but did not perform their duties in a group of children that day, so only this person was quarantined, no further action was considered justified by the authority. A total of 3 staff and 11 young children from this institution have been quarantined in recent days.

In the Enyezd Street Member Kindergarten of the Kertváros Kindergarten, on October 29th, 2021, an external lecturer gave a first aid course to the kindergarten teachers of the institution within. The lecturer reported to the kindergarten leaders on Saturday that their coronavirus test was positive. Eight of the kindergarten teachers attending the lecture, those who had not yet taken the vaccine, were placed under epidemiological surveillance by the authority.

All affected kindergartens in Pécs can provide care for children not subject to quarantine. ”


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