Innovative firms were awarded

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Three companies received the Northern Great Plains Regional Innovation Award at the Academic Committee’s local headquarters on Tuesday.

The award ceremony was a co event of the Hungarian Science Day on November 9, 2010.November in the building of the Academic Committee of Debrecen (DAB).

In Hajdu-Bihar county the Nádudvari Food Ltd. won the Northern Great Plains Regional Award for the Innovation of a Cottage Cheese product while in Jasz Nagykun-Szolnok county the QN Creative Studio
Ltd. has been awarded for the development of a National Monitoring System. In Szabolcs Szatmár-Bereg county the BT&SONS Ltd. received the prize for developing the building insulation ISOACTIVE system.

The Innovation Award in the Northern Great Plains was founded 12 years ago on the initiative of Debrecen Regional Committee by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) and the three counties chamber of
Commerce and Industry.

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