ISPA drainage program finished

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The weather caused some delay, but the sewerage ISPA program will finish this year in Debrecen. Most of the pipes had been laid down on the streets, only to restore
the roads and sidewalks missing.

The city constantly monitors the ongoing works. All the roads and sidewalks and green spaces must be restored in their original state by the end of November.

Where the tunnels had been laid down already the contractor begun the
restoration works.

“In the LOT 3 programme, the sidewalks and the roads should be repaired
until November 25 at the latest, and in the same way – as the weather permits – the green areas can be restored to its original state” promised Zsombor Gabor head of the Urban Management Department of the city of Debrecen.

The staff of the urban management department and other authorities checking
regularly the quality and the state of the restoration works to reach the
deadline. Nevertheless, the transfer slips. The contractor is often forced to stand down in the very wet weather.
The works are progressing well. The pressure test has been carried out in most places, so everywhere they can now start planning the restoration in coming weeks.

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