500.000 HUF if you have information

Local News Police

Unknown men attacked a 47 years old lady in front of her apartment in Debrecen on 16th of September 2010.

The woman just stopped hercarin front of her apartment on Kardos street because she was not able to enterthe garage becausesomebody placed a garbage bag in front of it.When she got out of the car, to put awaythe bag an unknown manstep behind her holding her down while hiscompanion beat theher feet using a bar iron.

After that the two men ran towards the Hadhazi road, probably they left the scene by car from Nyil street.

The woman suffered serious injuries.

The attackers were young with muscular body. One wore a white colour track suit, his partner was wearing jeans jacket.

The victimsoffered 500 000Huf to the person who hasaccurate datas which are used directly to identify the perpetratorsand directly helps to apprehend the perpetrators.

If necessary, the competent authoritywill takethe necessary measures protecting the witness. The notifier`s identity will be kept confidental. Notification can be made in person at the Police Station of Debrecen
(4. Budai Ezsaias street, Debrecen), and by phone calling the 06-52/ 516-400/22-92 or one of the 107,112 emergency numbers.

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