Murder in outskirts of Debrecen

Local News Police

Corpse of a young woman was found near Number 4 Main Road on 19th of June. Turned out that she was murdered.

Police received a notification at Saturday afternoon, that somebody has found a young woman in the wooden area near the Debrecen-Pallag junction near Main Road 4.
Hajdu-Bihar Police Headquarter`s on site inspection, data collection led to an arrest of two individuals. The 23 years-old woman and a 31 years-old man was taken into custody in suspicion of committing murder.

Police calls the public`s attention to report if somebody was in that area, the Pallag-Apafa section on June 19 and detected any unusual circumstances.

Maybe somebody saw the crime itself or took a hitchiker from that section of the road.
If you have additional information please call the 107 or 112
emergency numbers or 06 52 516-400/2066.

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